10/F, Tai Yau Building, 181 Johnston Road,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong


GeoNedra ltd.

Execution of works and services in areas of geology, investments and consulting in subsurface management.


GeoNedra ltd. performs research and design works for subsoil users (resource and reserve estimation, geological reasoning, geology modeling, etc.).


GeoNedra ltd. carry out examination of potential objects for purchase, a complex assessment of the investment project.


GeoNedra Limited is aimed at development of business and partner relationships between leading experts of oil and gas branches aswell as interested investors that take long-term plans into account.


Works for users of subsurface resources


Services for subsoil assets investors

Why choose us

GeoNedra ltd. created by professionals with length of service in petroleum industry, experience with leading companies.

The qualified personnel, modern material base, information security allow GeoNedra ltd. to implement at the high level all complex of research and design works.

Our advantages for clients are significant information database depth study of all aspects of each stage of the work and conduct multiple researches and select the best option for a particular client.

 In Hong Kong the West met the East to create a unique social and cultural combination which is also shown in business. Only here the western efficiency and concentration on result go hand in hand with east persistence and respect to details.
Ilya Sadovnik, CEO, GeoNedra ltd.

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